Privacy Policy and Playground Mobile Apps Privacy Statement

Version date: 6 October 2020

Welcome to Playground! Playground AB (“Playground,” “we,” or “us”) is a Swedish company that provides a children-safe online multimedia entertainment platform offering two primary services. “Playground AVOD” is a free advertising-supported video streaming service that delivers a selection of movies, television shows, and other videos through our website located at and in our android and ios devices (“Mobile Apps”).

We, Playground at Playground, aim for full transparency about the personal data we process when you use our products and services. In this Privacy Statement, we explain, among other things, what information we collect, why we collect it, and how we use the information when you visit our website and associated websites.

This policy is in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), and outlines our practices in Europe, the United States, and Latin America regarding children’s personal information.

When we post changes to this Privacy Statement, we will include the date when the Privacy Statement was last updated.

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What data do we collect on our Website and Mobile App and why

When you visit the site, we collect certain information from the device you use and information about how you use the Website and or Mobile App.

Information collected from your device includes:

  • IP address,
  • date and time of the access,
  • name and URL of the accessed file,
  • browser type and version
  • further information sent by the browser (such as your device’s operating system, screen size, language settings, etc.).
  • name of your internet service provider
  • geographical location
  • We process these data to ensure trouble-free connection to the Website and Mobile Apps, comfortable use of our Website and Mobile Apps, for evaluating system security and stability, and also for further administrative purposes. This information is stored in a log file.

We also provide the option to register an account in Playground, in order to provide a better service for our users. By using the registration function, we will collect additional data about you and your activities, such as:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • a password (encrypted)
  • your watch history
  • your liked videos
  • your followed series
  • your watch list

How we share your data

We may share your data:

  • To government bodies and law enforcement agencies to comply with the law, for example in judicial proceedings, by court order or another legal process;
  • To third parties (including professional advisors) to enforce or defend our legal rights, including our terms of service and/or end-user license agreement;
  • To a third-party purchaser or seller (including professional advisors) in connection with a corporate event such as a merger, business acquisition, or insolvency situation;
  • To data processors processing the data on our behalf, such as streaming, hosting, and advertising network service providers; and
  • As described elsewhere in this statement.

Your data may be transferred to countries that do not have the same level of data protection laws as those in the EU. If we transfer personal data to processors or other controllers who are not located in the EU or otherwise not approved as safe countries by the EU, such transfer is safeguarded by entry into the EU’s standard contractual clauses for transfer of personal data to third countries. In addition, we will instruct our processors that are located outside of EU/EEA to guarantee the same high level of security, privacy, and data protection that it would receive in the EU.

Third-party websites and services

We will only process your personal data with third parties in the ways that are described in this Privacy Policy. The third parties will be responsible for any processing of personal data for their own purposes. Please find links to their privacy policy under the description of each third party below.

AwesomeAds from Superawesome:

We use Superawesome services for Advertising.

The data processed from End Users is limited to specific technical data elements relating to the device on which the End User is viewing and engaging with an AA-served Ad. We refer to this data as “Device Data”. Device Data is defined as follows:

If an End User sees the Ad on a mobile app, their Device Data consists of the device’s user agent string, IP address, and the app’s BundleID (e.g. “com.playgroundtv.androidapp”) from the End User’s mobile device. If an End User sees the Ad on a web browser, their Device Data consists of the device’s user agent string, IP address, and the site’s web domain address (e.g. “”) where the Ad is shown. To learn more about SuperAwesome’s ads and user data, please visit their Privacy Policy:


We use Brightcove services for Video Storage and Streaming.

The personal data processed includes:

  • Unique IDs such as IP addresses, user IDs, or device ID.
  • Viewer name, address, email address, title, and industry. Note that Brightcove collects this information about Viewers only if a Customer elects to use certain features of Brightcove Services (such as Audience) that are intended to collect such information.
  • System information, such as device, browser, and operating system type and version, screen resolution and preferred language.
  • Referring domain, destination domain, and destination path.
  • Video-viewing activity, such as player loads, number of views, viewed minutes, percent of content viewed, new Viewers, unique Viewers, attention span, top domains, geography, traffic sources, search terms, and other similar information. This information is aggregated and de-identified (meaning it is not connected to an individual Viewer) unless a Customer elects to use certain Brightcove
  • Services that are intended to connect such information.
  • Geolocation data.
  • Other personal information of a natural person may be included in videos or other data that our Customers upload to Brightcove Services.
  • Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies.

Brightcove, and its third-party service providers, may use technologies such as cookies and beacons to quantify use, to analyze viewing and engagement with videos displayed using Brightcove Services, conduct benchmarking, generate metrics, to report to Customers, and to assess the quality of Brightcove Services.

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Amazon AWS

We use Amazon AWS services for hosting and storage. Amazon does not access or use content from the Playground services, for any purposes.

Read more:

Information security – how we protect your data

The protection of your personal data is a high priority for us. We continuously work to protect personal data and other confidential information. Our security measures include physical, technical, and administrative measures that will ensure that your personal data is not compromised, not unintentionally changed, and available when required. Such measures include for example access restrictions and controls, backup routines, and disaster recovery routines.

Any threats to data security are handled efficiently as security and the protection of your personal data is part of the daily work of our business. We comply with the requirements for the protection and safeguarding of personal data as provided by applicable privacy laws.

We review and update our working procedures regularly to improve your privacy and ensure that our internal policies are followed. We strive to promptly correct any non-conformance with these policies.

Any breach of security practices will be documented, and we have procedures and the capacity to detect and deal with any breaches of security. If a security breach is detected, this will be reported to the management, the risk of privacy breaches is assessed, and the Swedish Data Inspectorate will be notified where necessary. You will also be notified as a user if the breach poses a risk to you and your rights.

Retention and deletion

We retain personal data only as long as necessary for processing it in accordance with the purposes described in this statement, or as otherwise necessary to comply with applicable laws. When your data is no longer necessary or relevant for our purposes or required by applicable laws, we take steps to have it deleted, aggregated or made anonymous.

Access, correction, and deletion of personal data

Please contact us if you want to know if we hold any personal data about you or if you want to access the personal data we have registered about you. You may be asked to prove your identification so that we can verify who is making the request. If we hold information about you, you can ask us to correct any mistakes and delete any excessive information.

For profile information, if any of the information we have registered about you is incorrect, we encourage you to make changes to your profile. You may also withdraw any consents you have given at any time. Feel free to contact us for assistance.


Playground does not use cookies but our third-party service providers may.

Your right to file a complaint

If you believe that we process your data in violation of your rights, you have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Inspectorate (NW: “Datatilsynet). You should always contact us directly before sending a complaint to the Norwegian Data Inspectorate, so that we can try to solve or clarify the issue.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

We may need to update the Privacy Statement as our operations and services evolve or if there are changes in the applicable privacy laws. Hence, we encourage you to regularly check out the latest Privacy Statement that is updated on our website. In the event of any substantial changes in the Privacy Statement, we will try to contact you directly through available channels, such as through your e-mail, notifications on our websites, or other digital services.

Controller and contact information

Playground TV AB will be the controller of the personal data we process for our own purposes in the capacity of making third-party content available on our website for analytics, marketing, and hosting. However, the third parties will be controllers of the personal data they process for their own purposes. If you have any questions about the Privacy Statement or any other questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at .