Our purpose

We are on a mission to make kids curios about diversity. We do that through helping them to discover cartoons from all over the world on our Playground. Our ambition is to build a kids first multilingual media company with a passion for fun and educational technology, belief in online safety and with care for our kids’ childhood.

Our Culture

First of all, we always care about the children we are doing this for and put them first in everything we do. We believe in doing great things with passion, responsibility and follow ups. Together we will achieve greatness and win kids curiosity, parents trust, and customer partnerships. We love the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers and the round pegs in the square holes and we all treat them the same. We trust our colleagues to be the best wherever that space might be. It’s important not to forget to have fun and feel free to be creative and inspire the people around you.

Available positions

We have no openings at the moment.

Internship and thesis project

Would you like to do your internship at and/or your thesis project with Playground TV? Please send an e-mail to hello@playground.tv with your CV and a personal letter explaining who you are and why you would like to do your internship at/thesis project with Playground TV.