Cartoons for bilingual kids

17 channels, 8 languages, 10000+ episodes & 120 shows

Nurturing Curiosity & Empathy

Playground TV® is an entertainment service for bilingual kids. 
Join our family and let's nurture our kid's curiosity & empathy via multilingual cartoons.


Enjoy content in English, Farsi, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Mandarin & Hindi


Built to preserve you cultural heritage & to learn about cultures around the world


Find numerous content in form of Channels, Episodes, Shows, & Songs


Access Playground on any Android, Apple, Amazon or Huawei devices

Browse our multilingual cartoons

Produced in France, India, China, Iran, US, Spain, Portugual and more…

Built for bilingual children

Specially built for you and your family who are living in a country with another native language than your mother tongue.
Playground TV helps families to:

Pass on heritage

Pass on their heritage that they feel might be getting lost

Speak mother tongue

Be able to communicate with their kids in the parent’s mother tongue

Invest in future

Invest in a foreign language as a future asset for kids

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