Space Yoghurt, produced by Atem Entertainment debuts on Playground TV

Space Yoghurt, produced by Atem Entertainment debuts on Playground TV

Captain Migol, Lookout Popodom and Engineer Drod – three adventures animated characters based on the popular board-game are ready to entertain and amaze children of all ages and nationalities with their wacky and fun travel through space. The three friends featured in the first and second season with a total of 36 episodes are out on a journey where they bump into unusual problems and solve every obstacle they meet in a fun and kids friendly way, now available to stream on Playground.

“Our mission is to create a streaming platform that is safe, easy to discover and inclusive, Space Yoghurt adventures animated characters fulfill that promise in addition to entertaining and educating kids of all ages” says Daniel Nordberg, founder of Playground TV. Playground is a dedicated multilingual streaming service that provides kids access to video content in their native language safely and easily.

“The response and success we’ve had with our animated show has been very rewarding, and now to bring this fun and wacky show to more platforms by partnering with Playground help us to reach more kids across Europe and the US as the service gets rolled out.” Says Christer Hägglund, Founder and Animation Produced at Atem Entertainment.

About Atem Entertainment 

Founded 2014 by Maria Avramova and Christer Hägglund, Atem Entertainment is a company that develops and produces IPs. Space Yoghurt is one of the company’s biggest brands with growing interest around the world.

About Playground TV

Playground TV founded in 2019 has a mission to deliver great multicultural and multilingual video content to kids all over the world. We believe that kids identify with their cultural heritage through their mother tongue and this service will enable them to do this, with engaging, entertaining and appropriate content. We strive to be the first choice for multilingual families, exploring the world of animation. Playground can be accessed directly on or from Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Huawei AppGallery.

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