StoryZoo is now available in Playground TV for kids across Europe

StoryZoo is now available in Playground TV for kids across Europe

Playground TV is a dedicated multilingual kids streaming service featuring a wide range of content targeting children between the age of 2-9 available free of charge. The streaming service was launched on 5th of November, 2020 for all kids across the UK and from 2nd of December 2020 kids in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland get full access to 14 channels that includes over 100 series and 5,000 episodes in French, Spanish, English, Hindi, Mandarin and Persian. The service is planned to launch in the US early 2021.

“Our mission is to make content discovery easy and safe for children in their own native language wherever they live” says Daniel Nordberg Founder of Playground TV. Furthermore “Our partnership with StoryZoo is at the core of our mission with their series across three different major languages in English, French and Spanish that are both educational and entertaining” adds Daniel.

StoryZoo was founded by Johannes Gropp in 2016 with the vision to create an international kid’s brand for children between the age of 3 and 8 years old, whereby watching the StoryZoo episodes, kids will continuously learn something new as they grow. One of the featured characters, a parrot called Pepper speaks English as his main language and introduces the English language to children in a playful way.

“Being a father of two kids that are both growing up bilingual, I am impressed how easily the kids can pick up the first words and sentences by watching an episode on StoryZoo.” says the founder & CEO of StoryZoo Johannes Gropp.

Gropp continues,” we have further evolved our creative ideas by collaborating with partners such as the Van Gogh Museum or the European Space Agency (ESA) to take children on a learning journey about art and space that is adjusted to their age. We create content using storytelling about our collaboration partners in a child-friendly and playful way using the StoryZoo characters Bax, Toby and Pepper in the “StoryZoo adventures” series. We travel to the moon, we learn about the solar system, we get to know Van Gogh’s favourite colors or learn that a beaver has yellow teeth.”

Gropp concludes, “the parents of the kids that are watching StoryZoo appreciate our overall aim to educate the kids and we see a very strong international growth as there is a lot of kid’s content on a growing number of platforms, but does’t always meet an important criteria of having a safe environment that is designed with kids in mind. Playground meets the safety and privacy criteria in addition to being a dedicated platform that provides high-quality and playful environment”.

Playground TV was founded in 2019 with a mission to deliver great multicultural and multilingual video content to kids all over the world. Children identify with their cultural heritage through their mother tongue and this service will enable them to do this, with engaging, entertaining and appropriate content. Playground can be accessed directly on or from Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Huawei AppGallery.

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